Wednesday, June 7, 2023




How do you feel about this story?


So, this is what it feels like… The peace and quiet…nobody telling you to get up and do stuff…the rumbling of my tummy that tells me, get up and cook something! So off I go to the kitchen and experiment on cooking on a device that practically burns everything I put on it (ok, so I’m no chef).
Now, I’m beginning to feel a little dizzy. Not quite recovered from the bug I picked up somewhere. I really miss my mom’s TLC. Now, there’s nobody to take care of me or buy my medicines. Part of the price to pay for being free of parental rule – self-reliance.
My new home is barely furnished. I only have a board on top of a stand for a table, some rusty chairs, a cooker for preparing my food in, and a ref plus my bed. No TV or radio even to help relieve boredom. With all the empty space and my beautiful window corners, I find myself itching to buy a Christmas tree to help make the air more festive.
Excited, definitely! Scared, most certainly! I sometimes find myself questioning myself on whether or not I’m really ready for this, especially when I’m really tired-to-the-bone and the silence becomes too much, and the loneliness sets in. But when I look out my front window at the great view of the city from my new home, watching the sunrise, I can’t help but feel IT IS WORTH IT!