Sunday, June 4, 2023

OMG! Hair Bleaching Powder is a WIN!


OMG! Hair Bleaching Powder is a WIN!

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If you are someone who enjoys coloring your hair, you know that sometimes, the color won’t turn out as expected unless you bleach your hair. I had tried bleaching before but I honestly wasn’t 100% happy with the result. I have to say though that buying OMG! Hair Bleaching Powder is a win for me.

I honestly didn’t have much expectation. I got 2 OMG Hair Bleaching packets and 2 OMG  developer bottles on sale. I honestly thought it would be just another bleach kit. I was very happy that the experience and result were better than I expected.

Why am I so happy?

  1. The product actually didn’t hurt my scalp at all. Not even a little bit!
  2. The scent was good. Most bleach has a very strong rather acrid smell. The scent of the OMG! Hair Bleaching Powder and developer were very mild.
  3. My hair color lightened considerably with only 1 dose (I ended up with a light brown to pale blond). My real hair color is a dark brown so I do expect to have to go through the process 2 or 3 times if I really want my strands to be the lightest shade. Any unevenness is caused by the fact that my hair was previously colored, I have months of regrowth and I have silver strands in my tresses (gasp!)
  4. This product is not expensive at all. Maybe because it is very popular or because of the sales, but I got mine at a very reasonable price.

Overall, I am a happy camper and planning to buy more for the next time I need to bleach.

* This is NOT a paid advertisement. This is my experience after I bought and used the product.