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15 Muntinlupa Cops Receive the AGC Honest Cop Awards


15 Muntinlupa Cops Receive the AGC Honest Cop Awards

AGC Building, Alabang, Muntinlupa City – John Paul Aclan together with City Police Chief Angel Garcillano led the awarding ceremony of 15 honest and deserving cops of Muntinlupa City with AGC Honest Cop Awards.

The AGC Honest Cop Award aims to give recognition to the hardworking policemen and women who have been deemed exemplary and have given outstanding service with integrity in the community.

Awarded by a private company, Aclan Group of Companies, led by the visionary JP Aclan, Founder, President & CEO of Aclan Group of Companies, this event was established to inspire our brave and selfless police, for them to be encouraged to uphold the rule of law with compassion, integrity, and humility.

“The AGC Honest Cop Award is an initiative by the AGC Group of companies to give recognition to honest cops here in Muntinlupa. In coordination with the leadership of Col. Angel Garcillano of Muntinlupa City Police, we have selected deserving policemen who not only have shown their dedication and commitment to work but more importantly, have been honest and truthful. Nowadays, when unfortunately, we have some uniformed personnel who have issues, it is always a breath of fresh air to know that we have cops that are still honest and can be trusted by our constituents here in Muntinlupa,” said Aclan.

A total of 15 deserving cops were recognized during the AGC Honest Cop Awards. They are: PMAJ John Glenn Siguan, PMAJ Peter C. Aquino, PCPT Michael F. Tilan, PSSg Rodolfo Motio Jr., PSSg Abdul Rahman Atabay, PCpl Melvin Dejan, PCpl Nino Paolo Ganaden, Pat Mark Diloy, PMAJ Eutecio Ona, PCPT Reynaldo Par, PSSg Marlon Argame, PSSg Rolly Boy Antoniega, PCpl Albert Mallete, PCpl Reynaldo Quilala, and Pat Zander Capillo all assigned in the city of Muntinlupa.

During the recognition, each awardee was treated with refreshments and food and each was given a plaque of recognition plus a special ACG Honest Cop Award pin that symbolizes their honesty and integrity in doing their work as uniformed men and women.

“We hope that this simple gesture from AGC Group of Companies can inspire and motivate our hardworking policemen and police women to continue their passion and commitment to serving the people of Muntinlupa in all their honesty and with integrity. We are also looking forward that this event can have a ripple effect of having honest uniformed personnel not only here in Muntinlupa but in all parts of the Philippines as well,” added Aclan.

The Aclan Group of Companies is a true game-changer in the business world. The highly respected and imaginative John Paul Aclan, who is the company’s founder, CEO, and chairman of the board, has led it to enormous growth and success, expanding into a variety of industries and sectors. It is understandable why so many people in the business community have such high regard for the Aclan Group of Companies.

The monthly AGC Honest Cop Awards is just one of the many community projects that were initiated by the company and mainly, this is because of their appreciation for the Muntinlupa City Police for doing a great job of maintaining the city’s peace and order.

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