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2021 Mantra: Finally Breaking Free from Itch. Yes, I Can


2021 Mantra: Finally Breaking Free from Itch. Yes, I Can

2020 has revealed a lot of things that most people haven’t given much attention to before. It’s crazy how from one year you never knew you’ve been embarrassing yourself in front of people by just scratching your scalp repeatedly because of scalp itch and dandruff. Now, we have a name for this – itch-uations. How does it feel to finally be in terms with the fact that you’ve been having itch-uations even before it was a thing? Embarrassing, right?

That one time you were on a video conference call to present and all eyes were on you. Remember that last meeting with your crush? Oh, and that meetup that you recently did with your friends.

Do you know what those moments all had in common? You were scratching your scalp, subtly yet it’s still noticeable. Itch Nakakahiya!

But it’s time to forget all those awkward itch-uations. Leave them all behind and look forward to big moments without the itch. Because you can free yourself from itch with every use of Head & Shoulders!

As the world’s #1 shampoo, Head & Shoulders products are clinically proven to help fight and protect the scalp against scalp germs that cause dandruff. Formulated with active ingredients to fight the causes of dandruff and itch, and with continuous use, you can be sure that dandruff is not going to turn up anytime soon. You’re sure to start 2021 dandruff-free, itch-free and free from the subtle yet long-lasting embarrassment of itch-uations.

And now it’s time to embrace your past itch-uations because you’re not alone in this fight against dandruff and itch. Here’s a much-needed push for motivation! Let’s hear it from the many people who’ve dealt with itch-uations just like you, and their promises for a cleaner, dandruff, and itch-free scalp.

Cole shared that his scalp went through a lot last 2020 — awkward brushing, dandruff problems, and on top of that finding the right shampoo was also a struggle. But, lo and behold, Head and Shoulders came to her scalp’s rescue which made her commit to dandruff-free and clean hair.

Check more of these scalp defining moments and testimonials in the comments section of the Head & Shoulders Philippines Facebook and Instagram posts.

Here’s a shocker — itch-uations are actually very common, and you’re not the only one dealing with them. So, stop letting your past haunt you because Head & Shoulders got your scalp covered and to save you from the embarrassment of possible itch-uations. Here’s to dandruff and itch-free new year with every use of Head & Shoulders!

Don’t let your scalp waiting, checkout Head & Shoulders now via Lazada or Shopee.

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