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5 Essential Oils That Can Help You Get Rid Of ‘Tita, Tito’ Stress


5 Essential Oils That Can Help You Get Rid Of ‘Tita, Tito’ Stress

As you grow older, so do your responsibilities. This can really be stressful especially at times you need to relax. When things go wrong, a headache surely comes along — but luckily, essential oils are here to save your day.

Essential oils are extracted aromatic elements from plants that are typically mixed with unscented carrier oils. The goal of this process is to create a particular scent depending on the mixture.

Mostly used in aromatherapy, there is a wide range of scents that you can get — sandalwood, mint, musk, lavender, vanilla, and even fruity scents. You can choose a scent to your liking, or the scent that calms you best.

Packaging also varies, with some being roll-ons, drops — sometimes even turned into inhalers. You can choose which type is more convenient for you, especially to adults like you that are always on-the-go. All depends on the different blends and mixtures for various wellness purposes.

Due to its health benefits, essential oils are certainly loved by older adults. As more responsibilities come, so does your shield against stress — like essential oil collections. Likewise, falling in love with essential oils is probably one of the most prominent telltale signs that you are becoming older.

Whether you are already a tita/tito or just a tita/tito at heart, essential oil is for everyone who is looking for a best friend during your stressy depressy days. Here we list some of the best, most iconic type of essential oils that you can swear by during stressful days:


1. Menthol/Eucalyptus

Well, if this isn’t quite predictable — menthol is every local tita’s and tito’s best friend. While this is popularly used to soothe headaches and blocked nose for its minty scent, menthol is not just your typical oil mixed with eucalyptus.

In most brands that create menthol essential oils, they also incorporate methyl salicylate which is used in over-the-counter medicines for temporary relief of muscle pain. This is typically used as a topical pain remedy for its cooling effect.

Essential oils with menthol come in handy for you because it is totally multipurpose; you can use it to ease pain, or you can use it for a sniff when you’re dealing with colds, or just lots of paperwork.


2. Lavender

On the other hand, lavender oil is known for its contribution to aromatherapy. Coming from the latin word “lavare” which means ‘to wash’, it gives instant washing relief to stressful souls as it relaxes the mind.

If you are a tita or tito dealing with headaches, or you’re just finding it hard to sleep at night — lavender oil is proven to relieve headaches and improve sleep quality.

While lavender is used for aromatherapy, some lavender essential oils can also be used topically. If you’ve been hiking recently or you live near green areas, lavender is proven to help reduce bumps if you ever get bug bites.


3. Chamomile

Similar to lavender, chamomile’s aroma has been found by researchers to help in improving sleep quality. When inhaled in steam, the aroma can calm the mind and put it at ease — thus promoting a good night time’s rest.

For stressed tita’s and tito’s dealing with colds or mild nausea, they can also use chamomile which can help prevent the condition from worsening. If used for aromatherapy, it can help in decreasing the severity of anxiety or depression.

When used topically — chamomile oil also helps in keeping the skin moisturized! When mixed with the right cosmetic products, it can be used for inflammation and eczema. A bonus for every careful tita who relieves stress through skincare.


4. Tea Tree

Melaleuca, more known as ‘Tea Tree’ is generally easier to distinguish than other oils for its medicinal scent. Tea tree can be your wellness best friend for it has a lot of health benefits.

Topically, it’s used for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes. However, in aromatherapy, it is proven to help in boosting immunity, reducing anxiety, and relieving insomnia.

When used in a diffuser, it can also kill airborne bacteria due to its antibacterial properties. The anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree can also help in respiratory issues like cough, colds, and flu once inhaled.

If you are a tita or tito that is sensitive to the changing weather, or you feel like your immune system isn’t strong enough — tea tree can help you out.


5. Jasmine

Last but not the least — Jasmine. If you are a tita who’s giving birth soon, a little sniff of jasmine essential oil can help you with uterine discomfort and after-birth situation. Doctors recommend that you do this after giving birth.

Aside from this, this oil is essentially used as an antidepressant. Studies have concluded that it increases blood oxygen saturation and blood pressure, which can help every tita stay stimulated and alert.

The aroma affects the nervous system by influencing brain activity, with the scent leaving people more positive and energetic. In turn, it helps with feelings of sadness and stress — generally improving the mood of every stressed tita who inhales it.

Titas and titos, remember to note these types of essential oils the next time you shop and enjoy a more relaxing, stress-free and wellness-centered life.

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