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5 Reminders That You Should Follow During A Thunderstorm


5 Reminders That You Should Follow During A Thunderstorm

Due to typhoons and calamities, the Philippines is prone to experiencing thunderstorms, which can injure or kill an individual.

Relating to this, there are numerous reports of Filipinos who are killed due to lightning, especially in the provinces, every time a typhoon is in the country.

To avoid such a scenario, here are the following reminders as preparation when thunderstorms are experienced in your area.

1. Avoid going to open spaces

The lighting during thunderstorms is attracted to open spaces as it can hit the ground. Places like fields with trees are some to avoid during this calamity.

The current can strike a person directly or through the ground, where the energy travels on the land surface to the person.

With this in mind, it is advisable to stay indoors or in a hardtop vehicle for protection.

2. Avoid plumbing or bathroom fixtures

Plumbing and other bathroom fixtures were described as being good conductors of energy and avoiding water components that can attract lightning.

Moreover, other experts also advised individuals to temporarily avoid any water sources inside their households while thunderstorms are occurring.

3. Unplug electric appliances

To make sure that your household is safe, the Philippine government also advises individuals to temporarily unplug electric appliances, especially during intense thunderstorms.

This not only provides safety precautions for the people inside the house but also keeps your appliances damage-free after a thunderstorm.

4. Stay off your phone and other gadgets

This advisory is commonly disseminated during heavy thunderstorms, as these gadgets can also attract electric currents, just like appliances.

If your household ever wanted to monitor thunderstorms or typhoon advisories, it was recommended to use battery-operated radios.

5. Avoid windows or glass doors

Choosing a safe place during thunderstorms involves avoiding a room that is full of windows and glass doors, as these could be broken due to the calamity, which may cause injury.

The Philippine government also advised individuals to consider going to the lowest floor of a building to easily evacuate if needed.

Given these key points, may we always be reminded to take extra care during typhoons and thunderstorms to ensure not only our safety but also our loved ones.


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