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79-Year-Old Filipino-American Achieves Goal Of Traveling Around The World


79-Year-Old Filipino-American Achieves Goal Of Traveling Around The World

Fulfilling her lifelong dream to travel across the world, Filipino-American Luisa Yu proved that age cannot defy a person’s dream to explore countries and achieve their life goals.

At 79, Yu was referred to by travel enthusiasts as “mama,” as she was considered the oldest person in the group as they continuously explored different places in the world.

Yu was born in the Philippines but migrated to St. Louis as an exchange student. She was then relocated to Miami as she started to explore different cities in the United States.

Not limiting herself to exploring just cities around the States, she made her first mark on her travel journey in 1970 as she explored the beauty of Japan. This was then followed by other countries as she achieved her 193th mark last month.

“It’s one of my dreams that I want to travel to every country in the world,” Yu said in an interview with an international media company.

Besides visiting these countries, Yu became remarkable to the natives and people during her travel as she joyfully participated in the activities in each place with respect to their culture and tradition.

This was evident in her Instagram account as she shared her journey to different countries, which amused her supporters and other individuals as she actively participated in different activities such as rock climbing, camping, and other activities that may be vulnerable to other senior citizens.

Each country that Yu visited expressed their joy on her trip, as they also supported the Filipina in achieving her dream of discovering countries worldwide.

Just recently, Yu marked the last country that she would visit—Serbia, and this was then celebrated by other individuals as she had already finished her life goal.

Yu’s dedication to exploring the world then became a motivation to individuals of all ages as they saw how she enjoyed her life to the fullest and how she encouraged people to chase their dreams as long as they lived.

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