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Advice#11: Cook-to-go


Advice#11: Cook-to-go

Dear G,

I am going to meet my prospective mother-in-law. I want to cook something for her, but I’ve never cooked successfully. Help!

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Dear Cook-to-go,

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I feel you. I never really cooked meals until I became a mom. Thank goodness for the internet. There are sites like Simpol, Kawaling Pinoy, Yummy PH,, and Tasty that you can use to help you.

Try making adobo. It’s easy and a local favorite. After all, it’s the national ulam (viand).

Good luck,


Dear Cook-to-go,

Rule of thumb: never disguise yourself as a cook. A mother can sniff through all that pretense.

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Do you know what would get her nod, though? Ask your boyfriend what his mother likes cooking for him, get all the ingredients, and have fun cooking the dish by playing assistant to the future mother-in-law. Shamelessly admit that you are no cook and want her to teach you her son’s favorite dish.

She’ll be thrilled.

Plough on!


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