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Baguio Security Guard Successfully Rescues A Near-Threatened Eagle Specie


Baguio Security Guard Successfully Rescues A Near-Threatened Eagle Specie

Promoting a healthier environment for the nearly endangered species, the Baguio local government unit has rescued an eagle found in the city.

On November 5, the local government unit disclosed that security guard Del Rosarion rescued a juvenile rufous-bellied eagle along the Teacher’s Camp. According to the rescuer, he saw the eagle being chased by crows before hiding at Centennial Park.

Days after the eagle was rescued, the Baguio government shared that the species was transferred to the authorities to check up on him before releasing the eagle to its original habitat.

“If the eagle is healthy, it will be set free in protected areas within Bokod, Itogon, Tuba, and Marcos Highway,” Ecosystem Management Specialist Nortemia Jarligao said.

The Rufous-Bellied Eagle is a species that has a black hood and white to rufous throat and chest while having streaked black on its belly and legs. Its body length can range from 18 to 24 inches, with a wing span of 41 to 55 inches.

In the current generation, the said eagle is considered to be ‘nearly threatened’ because it contributes a big part to rescuing such an animal in Baguio and will be returned to its natural habitat to promote the growth of its population.

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