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Daughter Of A Street Sweeper In Iloilo Gets 9th Top Spot At The CPA Licensure Exam


Daughter Of A Street Sweeper In Iloilo Gets 9th Top Spot At The CPA Licensure Exam

Showing her dedication to excelling on her career path, the daughter of a street sweeper made her parents proud as she bagged the 9th rank during the Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants this year.

The recent release of the board passers for the Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants has shed tears not only for those who took the test but also for parents, just like a father in Iloilo City who is proud of his daughter for making it to the top examiners.

Even though he was a street sweeper in Iloilo City, her daughter Romelyn Gabanto did not lose hope to ace her licensure exam to give a better future for her and her family.

Despite having parents who were not able to finish their educational degrees back in the day, Romelyn was still passionate about having her own career path, as this was also supported by her parents from the very start.

According to her parents, they were only able to attain at least a high school diploma due to a lack of funds for their educational needs. With this, Romelyn’s father has done all the work, such as street sweeping, to sustain her needs for school.

Applauding Romelyn’s hard work on her studies and her parents’ unending support, the local government unit in Iloilo, and other organizations showed how they are delighted by the student’s achievement.

“This is an incredible feat achieved by Gabanto, which shows her commitment and determination to succeed in her career,” City Councilor Johnny Young said in his Facebook post.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas also penned a message to the hardworking student, saying how this achievement became a milestone not only for her but also for Ilonggos.

“What makes her journey even more special is that she is the daughter of one of our hardworking street sweepers. […] Their journey from the streets to success is a testament to the limitless potential that lies within every Ilonggo,” the mayor said.

Other than recognizing her achievement, Mayor Treñas also offered a contractual service in Iloilo City halls for Romelyn after her formal oath as a public accountant.

This year’s licensure exam for public accountants was attended by more than 8,700 candidates, and a total of 2,740 candidates were able to pass the exam.


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