Sunday, July 21, 2024

Dubai-Based Filipino IT Wins Over PHP1.5 Million In A UAE Lucky Draw


Dubai-Based Filipino IT Wins Over PHP1.5 Million In A UAE Lucky Draw

Following your feelings may give you a promising future just like what happened to Jeremy, a Dubai-based Filipino IT professional and the lucky winner in the UAE’s weekly draw Mahzooz.

Winning 100,000 dirhams or Php1.5 million via the Triple 100 lucky draw, he shares how the life-changing moment unfolded during a special interview that premiered in the 150th Mahzooz weekly raffle draw.

Jeremy shared he joined the raffle during his spare time or whenever he could afford to since 2021.

When the Filipino learned about his win, he disclosed to see it at a most unexpected time as he was spending time with his family, and to his surprise, his raffle ID won the said prize.

“Around 10 p.m., I remembered to check my account. So I opened my account and checked the balance summary. I was surprised to see the 100,000 dirhams. I was speechless at that moment; I didn’t expect to win that day. I always had a feeling that I would win someday, and I was so happy about it,” he said.

Jeremy’s win had made a significant impact on his life, and he was determined to invest the 100,000 dirhams for his family’s future.

“Last year, I started investing in a property in the Philippines. So half of the money will go to this property, and the rest of it I plan to go to Canada with my family.”

Loving the feeling of winning, Jeremy says he will continue to participate in Mahzooz in hopes of winning the 20 million dirham prize next.


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