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Empowering Girls One CHARMEE Napkin at a Time


Empowering Girls One CHARMEE Napkin at a Time

As a young lady going through this exciting journey of self-discovery and girlhood, you might often find yourself feeling lost or confused about many things – be it about relationships, consent, sex, contraception, and overall female reproductive health.

Don’t worry, you are not alone through all these! CHARMEE, one of the leading trusted feminine protection brands in the Philippines, can be your bestie and support system.

CHARMEE, together with Roots of Health, a highly respected reproductive health organization based in the Philippines, and an all-women team from the advertising agency Blackpencil Manila of the Leo Burnett Group celebrated girls through Project Roots where they learned correct information on sexual health, contraception, consent, and healthy relationships engagingly.

The project kicked off at Palawan High School, the second largest high school in the country, and was made more relatable and fun through interactive activities and colorful storytelling delivered through a surprising media – sanitary napkins!

Dear Diary

The activity opened with the female students being welcomed with the PAD-ibig Diary shelf that has a total of 24 diary designs and stories, all wrapped around CHARMEE feminine pads, open to the students to grab one for free.

Fun and visually appealing, these diaries contain “nakakakilig” stories with evidence-based scientific information, tackling important lessons on sexual education, spanning from busting common myths on reproduction and pregnancy to the basics of consent, healthy relationships, and communication.

To make it even more interesting and interactive, the activity included a dramatic reading by some of the school’s best actresses of some of the diary entries. The students were also encouraged to take selfies with the self-care mirrors scattered around the school gym.

Just Between Us Girls

Palawan High School female students joined the Project Roots kick off campaign
Palawan High School female students joined the Project Roots kick off campaign

The fun learning sessions didn’t end there as a more in-depth talk with Roots of Health educators took place. The entertaining and engaging segment talked about the science behind what was “Chismis or Check” or true or false about sex and female health.

But even after the learning sessions concluded at Palawan National High School, empowering and supporting more than 5,000 female high school students continued. The PAD-ibig Diary shelf was placed in the school’s clinic, available for female students who need it.

Ensuring educational resources are readily available, murals in the girls’ toilets and by the clinic were also created as reminders. Roots of Health has also uploaded the PAD-ibig Diary stories online for easy viewing anytime. Not only that, but girls can also visit the organization’s Youth Clinics and regular TikTok Live Sessions called “Safe Magtanong Dito” where more questions can be asked and answered by credible educators.

Beyond the Feminine Pad

But this is just the beginning for CHARMEE! So many more young and adult women can watch out for the brand’s nationwide School Tour Activation in 2024, reaching girls from grades 7 to 12 (12 to 15 years old), and giving away sanitary napkin and pantyliner product samples. Aside from making sanitary pads accessible to young girls, this School Tour initiative also aims to educate the students on menstruation and proper menstrual hygiene practices through an educational flyer.

On top of these exciting events, CHARMEE will also launch digital educational campaigns about Menstrual Hygiene and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

From PAD-ibig Diaries to educational campaigns, CHARMEE will continue to reach its goal of empowering girls and becoming their dependable partner in their journey to womanhood.

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