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Filipino Film Receives Recognition In An International Film Fest


Filipino Film Receives Recognition In An International Film Fest

Jhett Tolentino’s feature-length film, starring KC Concepcion, celebrates winning the Audience Choice Award out of 100 film entries in the SOHO International Film Festival 2023.

KC Concepcion congratulated Tolentino and the crew via Instagram, posting photos from the SOHO International Film Fest red carpet and the award held by Jhett Tolentino and the film’s writer, Mike Ang.

“Out of over 100 film entries at the @sohofilmfest, “Asian Persuasion” won the Audience Choice Award for a full-length feature! Ang saya, congratulations to our director and three-time Tony Award-winning producer, Jhett Tolentino, and big love to the entire production,” Concepcion wrote in her caption.

Aside from Concepcion, other cast members include Dante Basco, Kebin Kreider, and Paolo Montalban as the main characters of the film. Asian Persuasion writer Mike Ang shares the plot in one of his posts.

The story starts with Chef Mickey De Los Santos (Basco) setting up a fake online dating profile of his ex-wife Avery Chua (Concepcion) to find a new suitor and marry her off to someone else in hopes of avoiding alimony obligations.

Mickey finds Lee-kwan Lee (Montalban) on the same dating site and starts coaching him to pursue Avery and make her fall for him.

Even with the help of his best friend Caspian (Kreider), Mickey’s plan backfires when he starts realizing he might want a second chance with Avery instead, but it might be too late.

The Asian Persuasion Crew thanked everyone who supported the production and for voting for them for the award via their Instagram page.

“Thank you to those who cheered and howled during our world premiere last Saturday and for your votes! “Asian Persuasion Film,” they captioned.

While the world premiere began in New York City, fans and film enthusiasts will get to watch its theatrical release in the Philippines on November 29.

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