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Filipino Receives Highest Award ‘Best Delegate’ In Asia World Model United Nations


Filipino Receives Highest Award ‘Best Delegate’ In Asia World Model United Nations

Filipino proudly raises his flag. Jhan Merson Ysunza Escaro was given the highest award, “Best Delegate of ASEAN Regional Forum” in Asia World Model United Nations VI (AWMUN).

AWMUN is a three-day event held on November 3 to 6 in Bangkok, Thailand. Delegates productively made resolutions in line with the theme “Innovating Global Peace: Inclusive Cooperation for Sustainable Growth”.

Out of the 266 delegates, Escaro was proud to be chosen, especially after being cheered on by his fellow Filipinos.

“As a Filipino, I fully recognize the power struggles between the territorial disputes of the South China Sea. And I really feel happy that, as a Filipino, I was given the privilege to lobby for our country’s interests and concerns regarding that area of concern. Pilipinas lumaban po tayo! “, he wrote in his Facebook caption.

Escaro grew up in Lebak, Sultan Kudarat, eventually became the founding president of United Diplomats PH (UDPH), and is currently studying his pre-med at San Juan De Dios Educational Foundation Incorporation.

With his outstanding achievements and zealous outlook, he joined and participated in the last AWMUN in Malaysia, where he took home the ‘Verbal Commendation’ in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) council.

Without a doubt, Escaro is among the many youth leaders of the Philippines who are encouraged to speak on behalf of the country in hopes of better change. The future is in the hands of the young.

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