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Get to Know M. A. del Rosario


Get to Know M. A. del Rosario

Mark del Rosario, also known as M. A. del Rosario, started making comic books with a few friends in the 90s. A fine arts graduate from FEU, he did design work in a large ad agency before choosing to work freelance. 

In his words, “I’m into comic books and into Geekdom – fantasy, sometimes horror/sci-fi.”


Kingdom of Tundo was his first book. He later made Tikbalang. Both of which he has sold the rights to to a publisher in the US. They will be launched at the LA Comic Con in December.

He came up with Gods of Manila after the pandemic. It runs parallel to his story Aswang. 

“The thing that will keep you alive is if you write a good story. You have to work and polish it for it to stand out,” he shares.

The Beginning

Kingdom of Tundo

There are many factors that helped me get started. One was my playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. Another was being immersed in Tolkien, Ursula LeGuin (Earthsea). Later, meeting and being in a group with other comic book creators like Gerry Alanguilan was also part.

When I worked in the ad agency, I’d go back to creating comic books whenever I had to take my mind off my work. I’d write a story but got rejected. So I wrote another story, which was Manila. It was printed in Philippine Graphic in 2007. It was then he started creating the Kingdom of Tundo as a comic book.

He wanted to write western fantasy/sci-fi stories, but his stories were rejected. He asked himself, “Why not create or write about Filipino myths and focus on that?”

Kingdom of Tundo

It’s a Filipino epic fantasy in graphic format.

Gods of Manila

Gods against the unmaking of existence. It’s also a social allegory. The gist of it is don’t believe in false narratives, lies, and hubris. Don’t be arrogant. 

The Gods of Manila were arrogant until they lost their reverence. They became apathetic.

Writing habits

I write best at night. I have to finish the house chores before I write. I have to read or listen to something before sleeping.

Toughest criticism

An editor-in-chief in the US told him he doesn’t know how to panel or write.

Best Compliment

The owner of Rogue Matters said they were going bonkers over the Kingdom of Tundo.

Advice to aspiring authors

Wait, do your craft, and try to listen. 

Writing stories is more intimate. You have to find the right words, create the right atmosphere, and deliver the right tune (if this was music) to create your paragraphs, your stories, and your world.

Be humble and respectful. When criticism is given, take it constructively.

Social Media

Where to Buy

You can purchase his work through Lazada. 

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