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GROHE SPA unveils “Aquatecture” spaces at Milan Design Week


GROHE SPA unveils “Aquatecture” spaces at Milan Design Week

The connection between nature and culture has had a profound impact on art, fashion, and architecture over time. Milan Design Week is currently shining a spotlight on the theme “Materia Natura,” delving into the many ways in which nature can serve as a wellspring of design inspiration. GROHE SPA, a premium sub-brand of the globally renowned GROHE, is fully embracing this theme at the world’s largest annual design event.

The term “SPA” finds its roots in “Salus per aquam,” reflecting the founding principle of GROHE SPA. Set within the magnificent Palazzo Reale near the Duomo, GROHE is presenting thoughtfully curated bathroom solutions that embody a new standard of luxury and personalized quality in a comprehensive installation, celebrating the transformative influence of water.

A tribute to nature and history

The GROHE SPA installation in the courtyard of Palazzo Reale showcases the concept of “Aquatecture” – the combination of water and architecture. This installation, designed by the in-house LIXIL Global Design and Brand Identity team, pays homage to the history of the building while incorporating the contemporary GROHE SPA “Salus per aquam” concept. It aims to emphasize the significance of water in architecture and highlight the health and well-being benefits associated with it.

The former courtyard garden has inspired our design, perfectly aligning with the theme of Milan Design Week, “Materia Natura”. We’ve carefully blended nature and architecture to create immersive spaces that truly capture the essence of GROHE SPA.

“Through our installation at Palazzo Reale, we reflect on the intricate bond between nature and human creativity, intertwining the rich history of the royal palace with the modern ethos of GROHE SPA. Inviting visitors on a sensory journey to deeply experience ‘Salus per aquam’, our ‘Aquatecture’ spaces exhibit the powerful connection of water in architecture. They stand not only as showcases but as inspiration for architects and designers, encouraging collaboration and experimentation,” explains Patrick Speck, Leader, LIXIL Global Design EMENA.

Redefining spa luxury across four tiers

Each “Aquatecture” space represents one of the four tiers that bring GROHE SPA to life. Visitors begin their immersive journey at the fourth tier, which showcases industry-leading products to create the ultimate home spa hideaway. Shower solutions such as GROHE Rainshower Aqua and the F-Digital Deluxe modules combine timeless elegance with modern technology, using light, steam, sound, and smell to delight the senses. Additionally, the GROHE Atrio Outdoor Shower provides a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, enabling a stronger connection to nature and the tranquility it brings.

Transitioning to the third tier, the focus is on the GROHE Colors Collection with the new Satin finish. Offering a luxurious touch and expanded design choices for a personalized look, the new finish is available for GROHE Allure and GROHE Atrio, as well as matching showers and accessories in the colors Satin Steel and Satin Graphite.

The highlight of the second tier is the new GROHE Allure Gravity Private Collection. Blending a slim square silhouette with numerous options for customization, the faucet line comes with exchangeable cover plates expertly crafted from glass, mirror, or marble. GROHE has partnered with Caesarstone, the global pioneer of premium countertop surfaces, to craft cover plates from the brand’s durable surfaces in timeless designs.

Culminating the exhibition, the first tier consists of the GROHE Icon 3D Collection. The 3D metal-printed products redefine what is possible while taking sustainable product design with ultimate customization options to a new level.

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GROHE stands as a leading global brand, specializing in complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. Since 2014, GROHE has been part of the esteemed brand portfolio of LIXIL, a manufacturer of innovative water and housing products. GROHE is committed to providing “Pure Freude an Wasser” (Pure Joy of Water) through products that embody the values of quality, technology, design, and sustainability. The brand’s dedicated portfolio, including its premium sub-brand GROHE SPA, offers life-enhancing product solutions and services.

With water as its central focus, GROHE contributes to LIXIL’s Impact Strategy by implementing a resource-saving value chain. This includes CO2-neutral* production, reducing unnecessary plastic in product packaging, and introducing water- and energy-saving product technologies such as GROHE Everstream, a water-recirculating shower. The brand’s hybrid communication ecosystem, GROHE X, also provides industry-leading innovation.

Whether engaging digitally through the brand experience hub, visiting the GROHE X Brand & Communication Experience Center in Hemmer, Germany, or encountering the GROHE X Motion Trucks on the road, GROHE is dedicated to connecting people and contributing to LIXIL’s purpose of “making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.”

* includes CO2 compensation projects; more on

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LIXIL (TSE Code 5938) makes pioneering water and housing products that solve everyday, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Drawing on our Japanese heritage, we create world-leading technology and innovate to make high-quality products that transform homes. But the LIXIL difference is how we do this: through meaningful design, an entrepreneurial spirit, a dedication to improving accessibility for all, and responsible business growth.

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