Sunday, July 21, 2024

How do we dream?


How do we dream?

In psych books I’ve read in the past, they say that ordinarily, people dream in monochrome — black and white, or sepia. They say that when a person dreams in color that means that the person is possibly intuitive, or artistic … or maybe having an epiphany. I don’t know.

What bugs me is when I get colored dreams that keep repeating night after night. Have you ever had a dream that not only had color but had texture, taste, etc. Ever have a dream where all of your senses are involved? Those, I think are the weirdest ones. They are so real that you can taste the food you ate, feel the hand of the person who shook yours in the dream, smell perfume of a person who passed by you, etc.

I always wake from those dreams confused, tired, and ready to go back to sleep … and yet hoping that this time I actually get some sleep. Sometimes when I do go back, the dream continues where it left off. Other times I am able to rewind the dream.

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