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In Case You Haven’t Recognized It Yet, Here’s What Self-Love Looks Like


In Case You Haven’t Recognized It Yet, Here’s What Self-Love Looks Like

For some, life routine during the pandemic is emotionally taxing, and rejecting countless gatherings and appointments merely because we are no longer used to socializing or too tired to go out makes us sad. Even the smallest thing we do exhausts us, and we prefer rest over anything. These reasons sometimes make us feel bad that we’re missing out a lot as we choose ourselves.

We may not realize it, but the little things we do for ourselves are forms of self-love, therefore, there should be no feelings of regret after choosing ourselves over things we felt we had missed out on. Forcing ourselves to do things that make us unhappy while on it is a form of emotional and mental torture. Hence, our happiness should not make us unhappy— we shouldn’t feel bad for choosing peace.

Thus, in situations that we feel guilty for choosing ourselves, there are various types of self-love to recognize if you haven’t yet. You are not alone in this and bear in mind that anything you do to protect your happiness is exactly what you deserve.

1. Oversleeping

We’ve all had that phase when alarm clocks were becoming more annoying every morning and we just want to halt time and sleep without worrying over missed schedules. As we get busy hustling through life, we are lucky enough to get more than 6 hours of sleep every day, and as they say, oversleeping is a privilege that not everyone can afford.

Nevertheless, choosing sleep over non-urgent responsibilities is actually a form of self-love.

There are times that hours run slowly to even take breaks, and working till early mornings became a habit. There are also days that we feel that we’re missing out a lot because of canceled commitments because either we are too tired to go out or don’t feel like socializing at all. Don’t worry, no one is judging you, and choosing rest is definitely what you deserve after a long stressful day. Hence, staying in bed for extended hours should feel more rewarding after days of restless nights and exhausting work.

So sleep as much as you want and don’t feel bad about wanting to rest more as there are plenty of next times for missed appointments.

2. Watching a Movie or Series

Close your workstations, put off your phones, order your favorite comfort food, and enjoy your most anticipated movie or series on Netflix or other streaming platforms. For the time being, forget deadlines and backlogs and just enjoy your “me” time while watching. And, if you want to spice up your binge-watching session, you may get your favorite alcoholic beverage to complement a relaxing day.

If you’re considering watching alone, go ahead and take advantage of every moment of your leisure. Recognize that it is not selfish and choose your “me time” once in a while.

3. Fangirling

Whether you’re resting or not, you can still fangirl while working, take a brief break by watching videos of your idols, or listen to their songs in between. And for others, seeing their idols even on-screen eases their stress for a moment and keeps them motivated. This may appear simple, and some may find the happiness of fangirling funny, but for fans, it was more of a quick escape from reality.

You should dance around the place, sing your heart out, and fangirl like there is no tomorrow!

4. Online Shopping

Some of us actually felt guilty after spending money on products we discovered online, whether through commercials or public relations social media is to blame for persuading us to make purchases that were not really necessary. Meanwhile, isn’t it satisfying to finally buy the things we’ve been putting off because we couldn’t afford them? That’s why we shouldn’t feel guilty about rewarding ourselves every now and then with something we want, even if it isn’t a necessity.

Go ahead and check out those on carts for a long time and treat yourself after a tough day. So if you ever feel guilty about splurging, consider the things that remind you why you deserve that item. Happy Budol Day!

5. Choosing Yourself

All of the preceding paragraphs are actually pertaining to this last item— choosing yourself.

Recognizing self-love is more than just rewarding yourself every once in a while, it entails acknowledging that your struggles are valid and these things are indicators that you value your happiness. And if you ever find yourself in a circumstance where you have to choose between your peace and the happiness of others, acknowledge your presence first. You can’t simply say “yes” to things that compromise your feelings. Self-love was never selfish, and if you’re feeling guilty for choosing yourself, look back and acknowledge that your presence is valued.

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