Saturday, July 20, 2024

Isolation Diaries #10: Traction


Isolation Diaries #10: Traction

It seems that my appeal to be heard was heard but I didn’t quite get the results I needed. Well, you see, ayuda arrived in the form of meds, food, and face masks from local politicians. Thank po! (Special thanks to Lysette Guarte Caruz, I know this was partly you.)

Kelan po ako makakakuha ng swab test?

So while we were checking out the goods and taking the obligatory photo, the resident sentient clouds took advantage and zoomed into my room. The guilty party includes Pogi, Arya, and Yema. The only reason Bacon didn’t go was that he was deep in cat dreams. All three went straight under my bed.

I cannot emphasize enough how much more breath you lose when you are already short of breath and you have to stoop down on the cold floor to coax some curious felines.

Thankfully, the cats have a magic word in this house. The mere mention of the word “fish” sends them scampering towards the source of the magic word. This time, however, Ester had to say the magic word several times before it became effective. Could it be that the magic word is losing potency?

The first to succumb to the call of the magic word was Pogi, but he didn’t run out, he merely sauntered out, like he was so sure he’d get whatever the magic was offering. Next was Arya, but only after I trained the flashlight on her under the bed. She sprinted. Yema didn’t want to go out at first. I lit the flashlight on her and she just stared right back at me, probably wondering why I was out of breath. When I motioned to go to her, that was when she finally walked out. She just walked out. I think the fearsome felines here need retraining on the magic word.

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