Sunday, July 21, 2024

Isolation Diaries #5: Oh, shoot!


Isolation Diaries #5: Oh, shoot!

Since Kimi’s throat started to itch this morning, I anticipated the progression to fever. So I gave her my contactless thermometer (that looks like a gun) to sterilize and to use for self-monitoring.

Right before heading back to her room to be isolated too, she started “shooting” at the available felines, trying to get their temperature. The always RegalAdele got startled and ran away. FatBacon ducked at first but then got curious so Kimi got the temperature of his wet nose. It was 36.2. FiestyArya watched the whole thing go down and promptly scampered away when Kimi turned to her. PogiAndHeKnowsIt was nowhere to be found. YemaNaMakulit was also nowhere to be found. AragonTheLorge was watching from too far away. And that was the last time I saw her.

So for now, two rooms are isolation enclaves for the mother-daughter tandem. We both have stocks of meds and fluids, with the occasional delivery of food and other supplies at our doors.

Tomorrow is Day 5 of my Fling with Mr. O. I can feel him slipping away slowly. Apparently, he has set his sights on my daughter. I hope we have armed her enough to kick him out even sooner than I am. Please pray for her. She’s feeling pretty bad right now.

I am also hoping Day 5 will be the day I get that call for the swab test.

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