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More Vacant Classes? Find Out The Best Hangout Spots Around Your Campus


More Vacant Classes? Find Out The Best Hangout Spots Around Your Campus

Navigating campus as a freshman can be both exciting and confusing. Familiarizing your home for the next few years would be a good thing to do on your first week since you’ll get to know different hangout spots you may enjoy during vacant class. For some freshmen who haven’t explored their universities, here are some of the best hangout spots you may love to stay at during a vacant class.


It’s definitely number one on the list! Coffee shops are so cozy with the unique aroma of coffee. According to science, coffee has several properties that make it one of the most appealing smells to humans and, obviously, sleep deprived college students. It’s no wonder why college students love and rely on coffee whenever they have a ton of workloads to do. Coffee shops are also a perfect place to meet with friends because of the vibe they can give.


Gazebos are made to provide shelter from rain and a place to rest, but little did they know that gazebos are indeed a home for every student. It is not only a shelter when the rain pours, but it really is a home for all of the students through sunshine and shade. It’s a great gathering place for friends. It’s where they usually wait on one another, spend most of their time sharing secrets and building so many happy memories to cherish forever. Aside from that, it can also be used as outdoor learning, which is a great help for students to be more self-disciplined, confident, creative, and to have a sense of self.


Filipinos love to talk and love to eat, so basically, we love to talk over food, which we really can’t deny the fact that the cafeteria is one of our favorite spots, literally everywhere. The smell of food feels like calling us over and over again. And so, college barkadas would definitely spend their time eating together, having a bite of every friend’s food and sharing thoughts about it.


Libraries are definitely a blockbuster during midterm week and finals. You will probably have a chance to just sit on the floor if you are allowed to, since a lot of students are busy studying and preparing for their exams. Its silent surroundings and tons of books are the keys to winning the hearts of these college students. Nevertheless, you can still spend your time here even if there are no exams. You can do your homework, activities, and thesis. And if you’re a bookworm, then you’ll surely enjoy every second of your stay here.


The University Mall usually consists of clothing lines, merchandise, school supplies, and food stalls. A go to place for those who love shopping and rewarding themselves for every goal they have achieved. It is also a perfect spot to meet and date with friends since you’ll be able to see and buy a lot of things here.


The roof deck would definitely give you a calming vibe with its fresh air and beautiful scenery that it can offer. Besides, you can have your privacy here since not a lot of students like heights, and for some, it would be a waste of energy to climb and may cause them some lateness for their classes. So, if you want a stress-free place, want to release some pressure, and just be alone, try spending time on a roof deck!


Universities wouldn’t be complete without this one! It’s everyone’s favorite sidewalk store as it will offer you many affordable, childhood favorite snacks you can’t live without. Tons of students will always be seen every morning holding their gummies and candies on hand. You would definitely notice them every after class huddled together holding their favorite soda and chips while sharing stories of their day. This scene is undoubtedly iconic for every sari-sari store around the campus.


Not only is it extremely budget-friendly, but it’s also the perfect to-go spot for every hungry and craving group of friends. Students can also enjoy other grilled treats like isaw, balunan, atay, and hotdogs. Perfect for a pig-out session after a stressful class. Besides, this is very affordable, ideal for students with a tight budget or thrifty.

Seeing that staying at school even if there’s no class is not boring at all. There are a lot of enjoyable things you can do inside the campus, so why go outside when you have it all around you? And sure enough, there are still a lot of gem spots in your universities. haven’t talked about which you may explore as soon as you go back to school.

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