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Shot Puno: Best Alcohol Mixes To Cheer Up Hopeless Souls


Shot Puno: Best Alcohol Mixes To Cheer Up Hopeless Souls

If you’ve ever heard of the term “Shot, puno!”, you’re most likely into drinking—or at least, you’ve had a few drinks with your barkada or family. Alcohol must have accompanied you during good and bad days.

You may have seen your titos doing a beer showdown during family reunions. Your friends might have, at one point, dunked a straight bottle the time they broke up with their lover. Loved by Pinoys, alcohol is part of every celebration — and also a downfall.

During bad times, Pinoys turn to alcohol to temporarily relieve their worries and have fun. Likewise, if the goal is to have fun, then surely the drinks should be fun as well.

While different mixes and blends are available in bars and clubs, Pinoys are surprisingly also into mixing and matching drinks, even the weird and uncommon ones.

Even when things feel like they are looming into doom, these alcohol blends will take all the dread away:


1. Herbal liqueur with any dark soda
Herbal liqueurs might be slow to kick in, but they definitely give you the boost you need. Some popular ones found locally are typically Jägermeister.

On the other hand, dark sodas are found literally everywhere. You can get it from your local sari-sari store or the grocery nearest you. Some common sodas Pinoys love are colas or root beers.

When mixed with herbal liqueur, it creates a sweet, slick taste for the Pinoy who likes a comforting go-to drink. However, be ready to possibly visit the restroom hours after drinking because the herbal component detoxifies your digestive system.


2. Korean soju with probiotic milk
For Pinoys who love K-dramas, you must have encountered Korean soju at least once in one scene. True to its representation on TV, it really kicks you hard in the gut—you feel very fine until the boost kicks in and you’re all over the place.

To stabilize the strong taste and effect, it is best to mix it with probiotic milk or a yogurt drink that you’re familiar with. This is for those who want a taste of everything, may it be sweet, sour, or bitter flavors.

All of these ingredients are easily accessible in groceries. For a little spice and creativity, you can also mix it with a lemon or lime soda and put it in an IG-worthy glass. It’s all for an extra dose of happy hormones.


3. The iconic ‘gin bilog’ with fruit-flavored juice
Pinoys are very fond of powdered-fruit drinks, and you’ve surely gone to buy one for your family celebrations at home. This time, though, it will be used to cheer yourself up.

Gin bilog is a classic Pinoy alcoholic beverage that every barkada might have tried already. If not, your titos surely know what it is. It is pure gin made from sugarcane alcohol, which makes the drink pretty flexible because you can mix it with any juice according to your preference.

Any fruit-flavored juice (mango, grape, strawberry, orange, etc.) will stabilize the strong, pure taste of the gin. You can even mix two drinks with gin, for instance mango-orange flavors. Once mixed, it’ll taste like your local favorite juice—but more fun.


4. Kombucha, lime juice, and vodka
For health-conscious Pinoys and wellness enthusiasts, kombucha is surprisingly comforting and fun when mixed with alcohol. The ingredients are easy as pie, and the effect will surely make you forget the bad days.

Estimate portions according to your own liking and mix kombucha, lime juice, and pure vodka. The sweetness can be adjusted according to the kombucha you use, and it is totally up to you how much lime juice and vodka you want to incorporate in the drink.

For an extra oomph, put it in a short, wide glass and top it off with a slice of lemon to give yourself some Vitamin C energy.


5. Dark rum and ginger beer
For Pinoys who like to go hard and dark on bad days, the blend of dark rum and ginger beer is something to try. If you’re feeling a bit edgy, this is a flavorful mix to take note of.

However, it might be tricky to get creative with this drink, meaning it might be hard to find substitutes. For instance, you cannot substitute ginger ale with ginger beer, and spiced rum is definitely not an alternative to dark rum.

Make sure to mix the right flavors to achieve and create the perfect blend, whether you’re at home or elsewhere. Lime juice is also optional to add if you want a little bit of party in your mouth. At the end of the day, this drink will cheer you up and make you stronger—just like its flavors, but don’t forget to drink responsibly.

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