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Simple laundry hacks to wash your worries away in the rainy season


Simple laundry hacks to wash your worries away in the rainy season

During the rainy season, almost everyone has experienced having at least one batch of laundry that takes ages to dry. With the weather becoming increasingly unpredictable these days, how do you keep your clothes and fabric fresh, clean, and kulob-free?

Midea (pronounced mai-dee-yah), the leader in intelligent, and surprisingly friendly home solutions, shares this simple guide to help you keep your newly washed clothes and fabrics clean, fresh, and vibrant even when the monsoon hits.

Choose the right washing cycle and mode.

Midea 8.5Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing MachineWith so many different options available to us, it’s important to choose the correct spin cycle for the clothes we’re washing. For a more hassle-free washing experience, there’s the Midea 8.5Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine that automatically calculates and determines the spin duration, water program, water level, and the number of rinses that your clothes need.

This washer also has 8 different wash programs to assist you in washing your clothes properly and easily such as Standard, Quick, Bulky, Delicates, Intensive, Mini Wash, Jeans, and Dump Dry options. All these come with an energy-efficient washing experience, thanks to the inverter function, making your washing experience more efficient and less time-consuming.

Hot water gets the job done.

Midea’s 12/8Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Combo Washing MachineWhen it comes to washing your workout pants, socks, and undergarments hot water can be the best option for thoroughly cleaning dirt and odors.

To help you better take care of your clothes and leave them smelling clean and fresh the next day, you can start off with the Midea’s 12/8Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Combo Washing Machine which has a built-in water heater that allows you to adjust the water temperature from 30°C to 75°C to efficiently remove dirt, bacteria, and odor from fabrics, and give you clothes are free from amoy-kulob, even during the rainy season.

Say goodbye to clutter and an unorganized laundry stack as this washer also comes with 16 pre-set functions such as Cotton, Delicate, ECO Wash, Rapid, Stain Wash, Jeans, Normal, Duvet, Dry Only, Auto Clean, Shoes, Towel, Antiallergic, Silent, Spin Only, and My Cycle. This 2-in-1 washer also has a 1-hour wash-spin-dry cycle function so you can experience the best of both worlds and enjoy more cozy moments with your family!

Keep your washing machine dirt and clog-free.

Midea 13KG Twin TubA dirty washing machine is a perfect environment for mold and bacterial growth, as well as grime buildup so if you continue to wash your clothes in a not-so-clean washing machine, your clothes can get stained and come out with a not-so-pleasant smell. This is where the Midea 13KG Twin Tub can help.

This twin tub has a superb built feature which means it’s made from a highly durable plastic body that cannot be easily nipped away by dirt and clog and is also rustproof. Plus, it comes with a Magic Lint Filter that helps trap loose threads, leftover trash, sequins, and buttons so it won’t interfere with the cleaning process.

Go for the efficient inverter washer.

Midea 7.5kg Front Load Washer InverterWhen you have loads of dirty clothes to wash, especially in this damp weather, time and electricity consumption are important considerations. The faster you can do your laundry, the more power and time you save. This is where Midea 7.5kg Front Load Washer Inverter can become your best laundry buddy. This washer comes with an inverter function that gives an energy-efficient washing experience – that means it uses the least amount of power without sacrificing its cleaning performance.

The Auto-Clean function of this front load also has a high-speed water flow that clears dirt residues off the inner and outer drum to prevent secondary pollution of the clothes. Plus, with its 15-quick wash feature, you can wrap up your laundry time in just 15 minutes – more time to spend relaxing or bonding with your family! Not only that, but Midea washers are also strategically installed with Piso-Wash features. This means that when you use Midea’s home-friendly solutions, the electricity cost per wash load is equivalent to only PHP1.00!

By making just a few tweaks to your routine and choosing the right washing appliance, you will know how to keep your laundry fresh during the rainy season and not let the rain dampen your plans.  Another useful tip is to use a dehumidifier like the Midea Cube Dehumidifier to keep away the dampness and kulob-smell on your clothes while making sure you’re home environment is safe from moisture. You can conveniently keep dampness away wherever you are in your home by controlling this humidifier through the Midea Air app.

Get rid of those kulob-smelling clothes effortlessly during the rainy season with Midea. Midea’s products are available at the following Midea Philippines online flagship stores:

You can also check out more Midea intelligent home solutions at leading appliance stores nationwide or visit any of these sites – Facebook: MideaPhilippines;  Instagram: mideaph; Youtube: Midea Philippines Official and on TikTok: mideaphilippines

* There are many translations for the word “kulob” in this context it refers to that muggy smell between washed and unwashed.

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