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Two Filipino-Canadian Leaders Included In The Top 100 Most Powerful Women


Two Filipino-Canadian Leaders Included In The Top 100 Most Powerful Women

Under their own leadership, senior adviser and Filipino-Canadian Rochelle Atizado and pharmacist-owner Annaflor Feliprada-Patriz made it to the list of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

On October 30, the Women Executive Network (WXN), an organization that celebrates women’s achievements, released the Most Powerful Women in Canada list, which included female professionals in different fields.

Atizado was listed under the Apex Emerging Leaders, recognizing leadership through learning and innovation. Being an expert Senior Adviser for Partnerships and Initiatives in the United Nations Foundation, she was dubbed a “Master Connector.”

Atizado shared on her LinkedIn page how thankful being part of the other powerhouse women on the list helped her recall returning to her Filipino roots.

On the other hand, Feliprada-Patrizio was listed under the Professionals category, recognizing her practice and role as a leader. She is currently the owner of Schomberg Village Pharmacy.

Feliprada-Patrizio also shared her gratitude through her LinkedIn page, in which she emphasized that WXN’s theme, “Legend,” resonated with her decision to fight the challenges along the way.

This recognition from a prestigious award-giving body has shown that women can also excel, make a name in different fields, and become an inspiration to motivate and further serve for the betterment of the community.

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