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Water-based, Peel-off Nail Polish

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I love nail polish! I think it’s a great way to express yourself. It also adds color and helps accentuate one’s attire. However, it can be a chore to apply and dry. It is also horrible when it chips and you have no tools to fix the problem.

I am really happy to have discovered water-based, peel-off polish (thank you, Erika Rhane). You can easily achieve the same look as you would with regular polish but it dries completely in minutes. This makes it perfect for busy people who often use their hands. You really can get your nails done at the last minute and have a great manicure for the night.

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Clean up is also a breeze since you can just peel it off. You won’t need acetone. You just need to gently push the dried polish up from any edge and pull gently.

Is there a downside to it? It is more easily torn so expect that you’ll have to change sooner. I tried doing my usual chores with them on my nails and the maximum number of days it lasted intact was 4 days.

Water-based, peel-off polish is readily available. I bought some online at really affordable prices through Lazada and Shopee. My niece also got some really good ones from Mumuso (physical store).

Ginny Angeles
Ginny Angeleshttp://mizchvz.com
Ginny is a writer, editor, blogger, and ESL trainer. She’s also a bookworm, dog lover, and full-time WAHM (Work at Home Mom).

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