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Advice#12: Anti-histamine Before Eating


Advice#12: Anti-histamine Before Eating

Dear G,

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I am extremely allergic to shrimp and crab but I love eating them so much!!! As a preventive measure I just take an antihistamine before I eat them. Am I compromising my health even though I take antihistamine first?


Dear Shelly,

Yes, you are taking a risk by simply taking an antihistamine before eating what you’re allergic to. You see, your body builds a tolerance for the meds. In time, they may not work as well as you want them to.

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In the same breath, you can build a resistance to the allergens BUT you have to do this under the careful supervision of an allergologist. Yes, you have to ask to professional to help you. It’s going to take a while and it can sometimes be unpleasant. There is also a chance that it may take a long time if at all. But if you really don’t want to give up your gastronomic pleasures, you will have to take the chance.

Good luck!


Dear Shelly,

Not being a medical professional, I did a quick search for you. Web MD actually states, “These won’t prevent an allergic reaction if you take them before eating the food. No medication can.”

You may as well save the medicine (and money) for when you need it. You’ll be better off if you can just avoid the allergen. After all, is it worth your health for a moment’s joy?

Stay safe!

Just G

Dear Shelly,

My kids were allergic to kinds of seafood when they were young. Unlike me who can eat just about anything.

When they were old enough, I exposed them to shrimp, green shells, crab, and oysters.

Before they turned 12, they had become desensitized to seafood.

I know, I was such an adventurous mother. Not everyone can do what I did because there might be adverse effects.

Back then, even until now, we just had to make sure that we had cetirizine at home.

Unlucky me though. I am now allergic to seafood. It can happen to adults apparently, said my derma.

Still, I try to experiment and see if the allergy has “departed.”


Another G

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