Friday, June 21, 2024

Advice#2: Girl Who Shines


Advice#2: Girl Who Shines

Photo by Luise and Nic on Unsplash

Dear G,

How do you deal with a friend who takes your shine away?

The Girl Who Shines

Dear Girl Who Shines,

I have some questions:

Is she doing it on purpose? She isn’t much of a friend if she is. If not, could you talk with her? She may change a bit and allow you to shine brighter if she understands your need.

Is there any way to get out from under? Some people are just naturally bright. We have to accept that that is who they are and we can also find our place to shine away from them.

It’s tough to be in anyone’s shadow, especially when it is a friend’s. But she can’t take your shine away from you. You just shine differently.

Good luck.


Dear Girl Who Shines,

Someone is sure bothered by your shine. Shine brighter then! Blind them enough that even their shadows run.

On the other hand, get used to people like that. They lurk at every corner, waiting for that perfect opportunity to shine at your expense. Still, shine as if they don’t exist. Be yourself and do not be bothered.

Shine on!


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