Friday, June 21, 2024

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick


Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick

Take a look at these! Chateau Labiotte’s Wine Lipstick, Lip Tint, and Lip  Balm have such awesome packaging, that it just makes you want to have them. Thank goodness for online stores and worldwide shipping!

When did they catch my eye? I saw the lipsticks in an episode of this South Korean Drama I was watching (K2). Yes, the advertising worked on me. Those little wine bottles that turned out to be lipsticks caught my eye and I found myself hitting rewind to get a closer look. Freeze on the close-up shot…and drool. Love, love, love the look! Seriously, it really was the packaging that caught my eye. Lipsticks and lip tints in tiny wine bottles and lip balms in wine glasses are totally cool!

If you are wondering why they come in wine bottles and glasses, these products supposedly are made from wine. It is highly unlikely though that you will get drunk from any of these (for obvious reasons). Hmmm…wonder if that would be able to craft a story using these as a possible weapon in a crime mystery show someday?

Wine Lipstick

Anyhow, back to the lipsticks. So far, colors look rich on the lips and absolutely luscious. You can choose between their melting (which is more creamy) or fitting (velvet-like, matte) types. Both have excellent visual impact and there are enough shades to suit everyone and any occasion. It really would come down to preference.

Wine Lip Tints

Don’t underestimate the lip tints. These babies provide great color and seem to be kiss-proof. Not sure of the staying power if you eat greasy food though, which for me is the true test of a lip product’s staying power.

Since I currently do not have even 1 piece of this pretty collection, I suggest heading to Lexi’s blog, from whom I snitched the pics, and read her review on these. You can also check out this video from make-up artist, Tina Yong, on the Lip Tint. If you’ve bought some of these products, feel free to share your review and comment below.

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