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Community builders empowered to build better communities with


Community builders empowered to build better communities with

From the online bulletin boards of local villages and cities, online marketplaces, fan groups, school associations, and even home improvement pages, Filipinos have continued to remain active in participating in their numerous online communities as a go-to source for discussing their favorite topics with like-minded netizens.

More and more companies, interest groups, and organizations are building communities to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with and among their users and members.  According to market research company GWI, in 2020 alone, 76% of all internet users participated in an online community, a statistic that has annually increased by 2% over the past 3 years.

With the rise of online communities today, builders and innovators are expected to carry out the operational work of reaching members and managing offline and online events — all while nurturing genuine and authentic connections with their followers.

Today, community leaders can do away with using multiple platforms and save hundreds of hours on administrative work by streamlining various operations, made possible using Nas Company’s newest platform, is the latest tech platform released by global content creator and founder and CEO of Nas Company, Nuseir Yassin. equips community leaders with modern, intuitive tech solutions that make it easier to start and manage a growing online community.

Connect and communicate with members

Nas Company
Founder and CEO of Nas Daily and Nas Company Nuseir Yassin, together with his team from Nas Company in the Philippines, pose for a group photo with the attendees of the ‘Nas Daily Community Meet-up’ held last November 12, 2022, at the New Frontier Theater, Quezon City.

One of the biggest challenges community managers face is reaching their audience, especially with the ever-changing algorithms of the most popular social media platforms. Community managers have turned to smaller niche groups on group chat platforms. However, this presents its own problems, such as it being easy for members to get lost upon joining. solves this by functioning as a management layer on top of existing chat platforms like Facebook Groups, WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, or Slack. Managers can use it as a tool to provide community members context on what conversations to expect through a custom community landing page. also includes a unique feature called Magic Reach that allows community managers to send emails and messages to their communities. This intelligent messaging feature automatically finds the best way to send messages to community members. The tool is designed to learn how users or members prefer to be contacted, and which platform they are most active in.

Create and manage events

Aside from consistent communication, community builders also aim to create perfect events both in-person and virtual for its members. From setting calendar invites to creating virtual meeting rooms, to making an event page and setting up a registration form, simplifies the process of creating and managing events.

By filling up three basic fields, community managers can automatically generate a personalized Zoom link shared with its members, which will lead them to a customized event page. Through the platform’s feature of sending and saving notifications to the members’ calendars, emails, and mobile app, community managers can expect higher attendance and engagement rates. The platform can also be programmed to handle member authentication to ensure exclusivity. And, should there be an admission fee to join these events, a hassle-free payment processing system can also be set up by the manager.

Make communities sustainable

All the longest existing communities include monetization. This is why includes monetization features that allow community managers to earn in order to sustain their community.

From membership subscription fees, exclusive content access, and event participation, creators can set up their communities to be free, paid, or even NFT-gated. This means that members are given several payment options that can be fulfilled through credit or debit cards, PayPal, and even crypto.

Filipino Communities started using in its early stages

Prior to its official launch, Filipino communities started using in its beta stage and have demonstrated great potential in the market. Philippine Country Head of Nas Company Jacqueline Maye Lim said, “We at Nas Company aim to enable the creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers to add value to their members through our platform. We have seen early signs of this in our beta launch where we have amazing communities that help their leaders build a deeper connection with their audience enabling them to solve their problems and add value to them. Whether it’s about finding alternative employment or simply saving on important life milestones, communities are everywhere.”

Founder and CEO of Nas Daily and Nas Company Nuseir Yassin awarded Community Creator Jam Blauta of the Barangay Virtual Assistants (Barangay VA) for being the first community to gather 10,000 members in Nas Company’s newest community platform,

Barangay Virtual Assistants, more commonly known as Barangay VA, is one of the largest communities on Facebook with over 30,000 members. Despite the number of followers, community leader Jam Blauta shares that he can’t reach all thousands of his followers. “As a community manager, I need to easily secure my audience and reach them instantly whether through SMS or email. The reality is, the number of social media followers doesn’t matter anymore and when you post content, you only reach 10% or sometimes even less. This is why is the best thing that has happened in helping me reach the community of virtual assistants.”

To date, over 10,000 aspiring virtual assistants are using, where they are educated, trained, and given free advice and online courses on how to get employed.

Founder and CEO of Nas Daily and Nas Company Nuseir Yassin recognized Community Creator Camille Fornela of The Budgetarian Bride for reaching over a thousand followers in the beta stage of Nas Company’s newest community platform,

Another up-and-coming group is Camille Fornela’s The Budgetarian Bride, an online community of brides, grooms, and wedding planners, who come together to discuss budget-friendly nuptial options and real experiences on wedding planning. Today, The Budgetarian Bride’s community has helped almost 4,000 soon-to-be married Filipinos plan their dream weddings without breaking the bank. “Having multiple content formats available in one platform and connectivity to existing ones is essential in growing my community,” said Fornela.

Yassin awarded community leaders Jam Blauta and Camille Fornela in an exclusive community meet-up held at the New Frontier Theater last November 12, 2022. He highlighted their success in engaging local audiences in their respective communities that are transforming Filipinos’ lives.

Visit to know more about how you can create your own communities today.

About Nas Company

Nas means people. Nas Company is on a mission to build community products that bring people together. Nas Company has successfully built communities over the years and is now building tools and integrations that will allow others to manage engaged communities faster and better than ever before.

About Nuseir Yassin

Nuseir Yassin is the founder and CEO of Nas Company and Nas Studios with over 50 million followers across the world. and Nas Academy are housed under Nas Company with the mission to Bring People Together by building innovative education and community tools for creators.

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