Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center celebrates 3 years


Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center celebrates 3 years

It was a success!

After three years of running the business, Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center can finally scream the continuous success of the brand. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, Dear Self was able to run the company through their relentless willpower and unceasing trust in the process and in our Lord Almighty.

To celebrate this and to give thanks to everyone who has been part of the sweet success, they mounted a mini-Thanksgiving concert titled Love Above All: Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic Anniversary Concert at the Elements, Centris, Quezon City, July 24.

“This event is not just to celebrate Dear Self’s success, but more of us giving thanks to everyone who has been an instrument to this success- our employees, our investors, our partners, family, and close friends,” Madam Krystal Tecson-Garalde, CEO of Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic said in an after-event interview.

Moreover, the event also celebrated International Self-Care Day. An annual opportunity to spotlight self-care and the benefits that effective self-care can bring to individuals and healthcare systems as a vital foundation of health has been Dear Self’s advocacy since day 1.

“Self, you must remember the importance of loving yourself, embracing your imperfections, accepting your flaws, and turning them into opportunities to be a better version of yourself are the greatest gift you can give not only to yourself but to a hundred more people around you,” Madam Tecson-Garalde stated in her heart-warming opening message.

“Dear Self Family with you I am truly LOVED,” she ended.

The Concert Event

Showtime’s Boom Boom Neri, Gace Abina, and Amina Magat brought the house down with their sizzling hot opening number. This was followed by Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 1’s grand finalist and Star Music Artist, Lucky Robles, who serenaded the crowd while having their sumptuous dinner.

Brand Ambassador Ric Abasola and Theatre Actor and Director Allan Dale Alojipan, event hosts, introduced power women of the music industry: Ms. Pinky Marquez, TV and movie actress, singer, and theatre Idol, amazed the crowd with her rendition of Broadway favorites while Ms. Bituin Escalante, left the audience in awe with her interpretation of Aretha Franklin’s classic, Respect, and Natural Woman.

The audience went wild when Ebe Dancel went up to the stage to perform his band’s classic, Hari ng Sablay, Prom, and Wag Ka Nang Umiyak and his very own single Bawat Daan, which lasted for an hour.

“All these songs are meant to promote self-importance and self-love, kaya mas meaningful sa buong team namin. And our guest artists are all the best, we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts, for responding to our invite, kahit hindi kami one of the top companies,” Mr. Christian Tecson, Dear Self’s Chief Financial Officer said.

Other Event Highlights

The company also awarded loyal employees for Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center.

“Thank you to our very loving EMPLOYEES, such as staff, branch managers, customer service team, HR team, OM team & marketing team. They are too many to mention, but I swear they are the best,” Ms. Vivien Tecson-Cadivida mentioned in her parting speech.

Moreover, Manufast CEO Clarence Cadivida introduces a new product line that will surely contribute to Dear Self’s business landscape in the next coming years.

On the other hand, the all pink-themed concert event, aside from it as the brand’s official color, was derived from Japan’s Hanami Festival where people enjoy flower viewing. An event that denotes renewal and new beginnings.

“We chose to have this theme because just like the meaning of Japan’s Hanami Festival, Dear Self Aesthetic and Wellness Center is now on another milestone where it can already stand on its own, operate well with all the trainings and the constant education, unti-unti rin nakikilala na sa aesthetic and wellness industry, so indeed a new beginning for the brand,” Mr. Ric Abasola, Dear Self’s Brand Ambassador, Marketing Consultant and one of the event’s hosts, mentioned.

Lastly, madam Tecson-Garalde sent her message of thanks to everyone who supported the company in many different ways, “Mama, papa Dennis, mga anak, Christian, Kenneth, Clarice, Michelle, Clarence, Mhean. Tecson and Garalde family, sir Ric, ma’am Amy, ma’am Jhezel, sir Wayne, our influencers at sa lahat ng kasama namin sa buhay at hanapbuhay Salamat.”

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