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Elevate your baby’s cuteness with customized statement bibs


Elevate your baby’s cuteness with customized statement bibs

Now, your baby can make a fashion statement too with the cutest baby accessory brand in town: Bibs Manila, a new online business that offers bespoke and eye-catching bibs.

The homegrown brand was started by Kit and Kate Joaquin, who are also proud parents to now 6-year-old Kiel. With Bibs Manila, parents can get one-of-a-kind statement bibs for their babies while adding their own personal touches. What’s more, the bibs are made of high-quality fabric, durable enough for everyday meals.

Check out Bibs Manila’s website and simply search for “STATEMENT BIB” and you’ll be directed to a page where you can select your design in just a few clicks. You can even personalize the bib with your baby’s name, your favorite quote, or standout word choices, such as “Awesome” or “Mommy’s Fave,” to name a few. Choose from a variety of colors and fonts, and you’re all set!

Likewise, if you have artistic leanings, you can also opt to send in your own designs that Bibs Manila can turn into bibs just for you. Bibs Manila can also help you create a unique design of your choosing. To make it even easier, Bibs Manila also offers special pre-made bibs in hundreds of designs, featuring fun and colorful patterns, laugh-out-loud catchphrases, and charming characters.

If you happen to know a couple who is expecting a new addition to their family, these baby bibs make great gifts, too. Consider giving them the gift of 7 bibs – one for every day of the week – and you can get an adorable gift box to go with it.

To view and shop Bibs Manila’s collection, visit their website,, or follow @bibs_manila on Instagram. Bibs Manila ships nationwide in the Philippines and internationally in select countries.

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