Saturday, May 25, 2024

Isolation Diaries #13: Bad Number


Isolation Diaries #13: Bad Number

I never really believed in the ill-luck of #13, but it seems that it applies to this entry.
As you may have read in a previous post, I was scheduled to FINALLY get my RT-PCR test courtesy of the LGU today, the 10th day after my first symptoms. I was advised to be ready before 8:00 am to be picked up and brought to the testing center.

By 7:30, I was prepared to go. At 8:09 am, I sent a message to the Health Center saying I was ready anytime. No one arrived. At 8:20, they told me I would be in the second batch and to wait. By 10:30, no one had arrived and no one was calling. I sent them a message telling them I had been waiting for 3 hours. They replied with a quick message that they will call me. It’s now 1:30 pm and there has been no call, no pick-up. Six hours in, and I am still waiting.

Sta. Lucia Health Care Centre: may pag-asa pa ba akong ma-test? Anim na oras na akong naghihintay.

Honestly, I am losing faith in the Pasig LGU because of this. The inability of the CESU to be on top of this situation is the most concerning. I could not contact them at all. I finally got through to the Barangay Health Center and they helped move things along albeit late. Now, this. I do hope the LGU does not hold on to this level of ineptitude.


Finally, Konsi Maro Martires – #KMM answered my messages and told me that I was classified under “with own transpo” (which is weird because I never claimed to have my own transpo) and that I would be rescheduled to tomorrow.

Kung sino man yung nagkamali, gusto kitang tirisin!!!

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