Sunday, June 23, 2024

Isolation Diaries #15: The Last Word


Isolation Diaries #15: The Last Word

It’s been almost a week since we got swabbed for the RT-PCR Test, and it was only today that we got our results — we were positive.

Since then, our symptoms have gone away, and the latest home antigen test I took (today) says I am negative (see picture).

The whole saga of my fling with Mr. O is now officially ended. It took more than three weeks from the time I first got symptoms up to today’s conclusion. In between, there was a lot of frustration with the LGU for various reasons. I’d like to chalk that up to them being overwhelmed with a deluge of new cases. I am thankful our case was not bad enough to send me to the hospital.

As far as the fearsome felines are concerned, they never showed symptoms. They went on with their morning ritual of zoomies with Pogi and Yema making a mess of my room and punching holes on my mosquito net in the process. Bacon, believe it or not, looked like he even gained more weight. My room is the only room they can invade now, especially now that it is no longer a cave of isolation. Kimi’s and Ester’s rooms are both off-limits because I live with people with allergies.

Now, to just deal with the tender arm and the headache from the booster… Yes, since the result came in only today, as of yesterday’s booster shot, I wasn’t a confirmed case yet.

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