Saturday, May 25, 2024

Isolation Diaries #9: Waiting for the Swab is like waiting for Godot


Isolation Diaries #9: Waiting for the Swab is like waiting for Godot

While I know that the LGU is dealing with a surge, my efforts to get a swab since Sunday have been frustrating. I hope Pasig City Public Information Office will have an answer soon. I also reached out to Konsi Maro Martires – #KMM and even he is at the mercy of the response from CESU. Aabot pa kaya sa sakit ko ang swab? Mayor Vico Sotto baka naman po?

It’s day 7, and right now, there are barely any symptoms aside from the colds and occasional dry cough, punctuated by the bouts with asthma and some skirmishes down my throat — just itches, especially when it’s dry. I’m halfway through my quarantine period.

In the meantime, the resident sentient clouds are still on a vigil, but they are now torn between my cave of recuperation and Kimi’s hideout since we’re both under quarantine. Pogi tends to run towards the door when we open them. He goes on the stool and gets his scritches. Bacon saunters — he takes his sweet time on the approach but will take the chance to zoom in once he’s close enough. Yema takes advantage of the attention we give the other cats and tries to sneak in. Every now and then, Pogi swipes at her and she stops in her tracks. Arya walks closer and just starts screaming at us. Adele just stays in one of the boxes watching the rest try to breach the threshold. All in all, it’s a game of patintero with them.

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