Friday, June 21, 2024

Let’s Go Malling!


Let’s Go Malling!

In the Philippines, it is the norm to go to the mall on the weekends. Often we go because it’s convenient to get all the shopping we need for the week done. Not to mention, these places are fully air-conditioned, making it an easy way to beat the heat. Plus we have easy access to restaurants, beauty salons, entertainment options (such as movies, sports activities, etc.), and so much more.

Malling is excellent exercise. We get to:

  • Walk a lot. You can easily hit your daily goals just by walking around and exploring the stores.
  • Lift weights – How much do your food and grocery supplies weigh? Do you shift the load from arm to arm too? Instant workout!
  • Sometimes, you even walk up and down stairs. Climbing stairs can help build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
  • Run in the park with your dog (if it’s a pet-friendly mall). Get your heart pumping and spend some time with man’s best friend.
Image by Joe Caione

It is, however, bad for the wallet. Aside from spending on the things we came to buy (needs), it is easy to spot additional items (wants). Even keeping add-ons to a minimum, we’d at least buy a meal for the whole family.

image by Roger Darnell

But while your pocket may hurt, spending time with your family is never something to regret. Moments like these are to be savored. Shared activities build stronger bonds. Just be clear on the budget and what the spending limit is and stick to it.

Maximize the time with your loved ones AND get the shopping done. Sounds like a good way to spend the weekend.

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