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Lola Remedios, A Review


Lola Remedios, A Review

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Image by mmi9 from Pixabay

When your work entails talking every day, it is easy to develop a sore throat. Your throat gets dry and uncomfortable. It can become tough to speak.

I recently mentioned this to my sister and that my head ached as well. I figured I might be coming down with a bug. She suddenly popped up a box and asked if I wanted to try it. What was it? No, it’s not DRUGS – my sister would NEVER give me anything illegal. It was a box of Lola Remedios Food Supplement Syrup.

I figured it was safe, so I said yes and tried it. I see a lot of similar-looking packets in KDrama so I had an idea what it would be inside. I just prayed it would not taste too bad.

Being in a bit of a rush, I snipped off the top of the packet (without following instructions). No surprise, I spilled the contents. Reminder to self, small opening required -this will help to keep the content from going everywhere. It also helps to get the liquid directed at the throat so you can swallow faster.

The packaging indicates that Lola Remedios is made from all-natural products -ginger, honey, fennel, clove, and mint. It smells like Tiger Balm and tastes like a Halls mint candy (or Stork for those who prefer the old school brand).

Does it work? It was very soothing. It had a strong aftertaste, but that’s okay. It’s easier to use than some sprays and did its job. I’m only on the second sachet and have ten more to go to empty the box.

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