Sunday, July 21, 2024

Nail Stickers


Nail Stickers

Nail stickers – a simple, practical solution for anyone who has no time to wait for their polish to dry or no time to have a manicure. We have wallpaper. Why not nail paper?

I tested a set and here’s what I observed:

  • It’s really easy to attach. If you make a mistake, you can lift and correct it.
  • It’s important to smooth it out. It’s weird to have nails with creases – I made this mistake and didn’t notice it until after I had cut off the excess.
  • The sizes may be a little smaller/narrower than the actual nail. It’s okay – it is stretchable. You’ll be able to cover the whole nail.
  • They are easy to peel off. Just pull an edge and lift.
    • This also means that they won’t last very long if you do anything that would cause your polish to come off. For example: washing the dishes

The good news is it’s really cheap (I bought some through Shopee) and you get quick, easy nail art in minutes. It can last a day or two (maybe longer) depending on how careful you are. It also doesn’t leave any residue and no need for anything to remove it.

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