Tuesday, February 27, 2024

SBC Ube Deluxe Collection


SBC Ube Deluxe Collection

Have you ever wondered what happens when coffee meets ube? If you have, you should head over to Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC) and check out their Ube Deluxe Collection.

We went to SBC on Matalino Street to try out the latest items on the menu. Not fond of ube, I was a little hesitant but was pleasantly surprised by the drinks.

There are four drinks offered. Three of the drinks are cold, and one is hot. Let me share my thoughts on each drink:

Ube Affogato

The color is deceptive. I was happy that this tasted like coffee with a touch of ube. It was not a true affogato (the ice cream on top was replaced by whipped cream, and the ice cream was in the coffee), but the flavor worked for me.

Ube Cream Cheese Milkshake

This is dessert in drink form. There’s a good balance of flavors. Nice and thick and definitely should be drunk through a straw. Unfortunately, they don’t serve straws (in Quezon City) so best be prepared with your own.

Hot Ube Coco

A good blend of flavors. Some like it hot and light. This is the closest to regular coffee of all the items offered (personal opinion). It went well with everything we ate. It’s the best to pair with the desserts.

Iced Ube Coco

Here’s something refreshing for warm days. You have to drink it fast though before the ice melts and waters down the flavor.

It’s worth checking out the SBC Ube Deluxe Collection. It’s an interesting set of drinks for the new year.

Try it with the recommended food: Kani Croissant, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cheesy Ensaymada, and Cinnamon Roll.