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What You Need To Know About ‘MAVE,’ The First AI-Generated Korean Girl Group


What You Need To Know About ‘MAVE,’ The First AI-Generated Korean Girl Group

Earlier this year, a mobile game developer partnered with a South Korean mobile messaging application to launch the first AI-generated Korean girl group worldwide.

Having a group made out of technology, the company provided a storyline as a basis for the group’s origin.

Consisting of four members, the group was said to have crash-landed on Earth, where they began their special journey. “They may’ve something different,” as stated on their official website.

MAVE, or “Make New Wave,” members are SIU:, ZENA:, TYRA:, and MARTY: which are virtually-generated idols but with real voices and choreographies behind the scenes.

SIU: was determined to be the leader and main vocalist of the group and was characterized as a strong person who puts her members first every time.

ZENA:, on the other hand, is the lead vocalist and was described as being a quiet type of person, but she has the sweetest personality of them all.

Meanwhile, TYRA: is the main dancer and rapper of MAVE and was narrated to be the most reliable team member in their performances because she is ambitious and competitive in all aspects.

Lastly, the sub-rapper and sub-dancer, MARTY: is the happy pill of the group due to her positive mindset whenever they perform.

The virtual K-Pop group debuted its first single, “Pandora’s Box,” on January 25, which made a buzz on both Korean and international stages.

The music video has already garnered more than 23 million views and different insights from fans on how they were amazed by the concept of the group.

Just like other Korean groups, MAVE also conducts virtual shows of their songs to really showcase the idol’s feelings to their fans, referred to as MAZE.

This innovative step in Korean music has made individuals around the world amazed by the unique and out-of-this-world concept that feels like a whole leap into the future.

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