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Why is BB cream a must-have in every man’s grooming kit?


Why is BB cream a must-have in every man’s grooming kit?

Blackwater BB Cream
Blackwater BB Cream

Men need to look fresh and well-groomed too, especially now that our faces are on focus during virtual meetings, video calls, and even online classes. Having the right skincare products that are specially developed for men is important to maintain a well-moisturized, blemish-free, and smooth complexion.

For men who want to keep their skincare routine simple, Blackwater’s BB cream is a great option because it is a multi-functional product that has several benefits.  Here are some great reasons why this BB cream is an excellent addition to your skincare kit:

It evens out skin tone.

Blemish Balm creams or BB cream have ingredients that help in seamlessly merging with the base of your skin tone, moisturize your skin and protect it from the sun. Blackwater BB Cream for Men is an oil control cream that helps out in minimizing uneven skin tone. Apply it gently to your face and leave it on for at least 10 minutes to achieve a glass skin look. Its matte-finish texture will also help you keep your skin smooth and shine-free for hours. You can choose the Beige or Tan shade that comes with this BB Cream depending on your skin tone. It’s lightweight too so you can always keep your fresh look on the go!

Conceals spots and blemishes.

A BB cream can act as a concealer and hide your pimples and skin blemishes. It can also control the production of excess sebum and control erratic skin breakouts.

Achieve those extra “pogi points” no matter where you go. Blackwater BB Cream is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide, at Lazada ( and Shopee ( Follow @blackwaterphofficial on Facebook or on Instagram to know more.

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