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#YouGotThis … Journey through life courageously


#YouGotThis … Journey through life courageously

This a year everyone will remember. As we’ve been locked in our homes, everyday balancing fear and anxiety over the uncertainties brought about by a global pandemic, we hear a quiet rebellion, with some of us saying — oh this year doesn’t count, this year is canceled, my planner is a waste. Yet in this time of great pause, we really cannot deny we are also given the choice to simply be, to get to know ourselves again, to journey deep in that space within where all is well.

Though many of our plans seem to have turned upside down, does that mean we should stop going after our goals and passions? What if we are given this pause to recalibrate, to course-correct, to redesign ourselves? And to help Filipinos continue to journey through life courageously, Viviamo, maker of the Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner, launches its 2021 planner and journal collection on September 19-20, at the First Planning and Journaling Online Summit: #YouGotThis.

#YouGotThis was created because now more than ever, this message needs to be felt, and heard, and passed around. At a time when we must distance ourselves from each other to survive, we can’t ignore the human yearning to still connect–and isn’t it that the most important connection we can make, is with our Inner Selves? When we are forced to strip down to the barest of essentials, we journey deeper within, and with the help of pen and paper, we begin to acknowledge our emotions, start to power through anxiety, again remember our dreams, then recommit to our goals, and in the process, rediscover the strength and power of our innermost  Selves.

It is our hope that with #YouGotThis, we can help every Filipino strengthen that spark of hope within, so we can all journey on, past this pandemic, as stronger and better persons. Our hope for each Filipino is to feel and to believe that #YouGotThis. For this is the year we choose courage over fear. This is the year we choose to trust that we are still worthy of our dreams and that with an open mind, open heart, and open will–we are limitless.

And whatever your space, whatever your psyche, whatever your journaling or planning style, you want a journal or planner that can be a witness to your life. Viviamo promises a 2021 collection like no other; thoughtfully, intuitively, and beautifully designed products to help you achieve whatever you desire and journey courageously through life.

Balance dreams and responsibilities with the 2021 Belle de Jour Power Planner

BDJ Grow with the Earth Planner 2021

Viviamo’s flagship offering, the Belle de Jour Power Planner, inspires you to “Grow with the Earth”. As we experience change and chaos in the present, and even when things aren’t going to plan, there is always a silver lining—that all will eventually be well, and we are in the process of becoming whole again. Now on its 15th year, BDJ recommits to growth with a logo refresh.

The 2021 BDJ Planner features monthly narratives and worksheets to help you stay focused and connected to yourself and motivated on your goals. Meanwhile, the weekly spreads provide enough space for your priorities, schedules, and self-care mantras.

With four beautifully designed covers, the 2021 BDJ planner is the perfect companion for whatever life phase you are going through. Whether you are in for a pause or you are slowing down, remember to journey on with your dreams, and keep planning to live a meaningful life!

Live in the now with 2021 Navi Planner

BDJ Navi 2021Amid very trying times, we hold on to our moral compass, and we search for light. What if that light is already within? NAVI: Your Life Navigator 2021 is inspired by the steadfast beacon of light from the world’s most beautiful Lighthouses.

Significant to seafarers who spend the darkest nights at sea, the lighthouse is an icon of safety, a glorious sight, as though affirming this is the way; trust that wherever you are is where you need to be.

With travel plans on pause globally, NAVI 2021 makes it possible for travel lovers with a virtual “around the world” edition page. When wanderlust strikes, just flip through the pages of NAVI 2021 that feature lighthouses from 12 different countries and the stories behind them. This will include checklists and writing prompts related to traveling.

Let NAVI 2021 inspire you to celebrate how far you’ve come and shone the light on how much farther you want to go.

Trust and Allow life’s possibilities with 2021 Everything is Possible Planner

BDJ Everything is Possible 2021Feeling stuck? It happens to the best of us. The 2021 Everything is Possible Planner is the perfect reminder that right when we feel we can’t handle any more of the mess and the madness of life when we truly commit to the journey, we will experience the breakthrough we’ve all been yearning for. And that is when we realize: each one of us is in the middle of becoming who we are meant to be.

The shards of broken glass on the cover of the 2021 Everything is Possible Planner shows us the beauty of breakthroughs. Transformation only happens when you embrace vulnerability and allow yourself to first be broken.

The life you’ve always wanted is just waiting for you outside of the glass walls you built yourself. All you need is to trust and to be open to possibilities.

Find your center with 2021 Focus Journal

BDJ Focus 2021 JournalThe Focus 2021 Journal is all about creating positive changes within yourself. These changes are meant to prepare you for life’s inevitable challenges. Quite significantly, each page of the journal is decorated with the icosahedron, a three-dimensional figure that is made of 20 triangle-shaped sides.

This structure is believed to represent change and the movement and flow it creates. Said to be connected to the water — an element that adapts to the shape of the container and is both destructive and life-giving — the icosahedron channels your life force or chakra to help balance your emotions, allowing you to generate and heal.

The 2021 Focus dividers highlight powerful words that are significant to change.

Start anew with the 2021 Essentials Planner 

BDJ 2021 Essentials PlannerThe great thing about a new year is that you are given the chance to start with a clean slate. With the 2021 Essentials Planner, you can do just that with its clean and unstructured pages specifically designated for bullet journaling or creative journaling.

This year, the cover designs are influenced by Art Deco which is popular in the field of architecture. The intention of the design is to have a sleek and elegant feel.

Plan anywhere with the 2021 Petit Planner

2021 Petit PlannerFor the on-the-go, the 2021 Petit Planner is just the perfect companion. Portable and handy, this planner allows you to give a quick overview of your plans and schedules. The neon minimalist typography on the cover is modern and unisex.

This year, Viviamo also journeys toward sustainability. All 2021 Viviamo Planners are all Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified which means that products are made with sustainably sourced paper that was produced with responsible forestry in mind.

The Viviamo 2021 Planner Collection is here. Our circumstances may have changed, but the future belongs to all of us who journey on. Continue your courageous journey by journaling with the new collection of Viviamo available at and in all major bookstores nationwide.

About Viviamo! Inc.

Viviamo logo15 years ago, Viviamo! Inc. which means “WE LIVE” started out as Belle de Jour Power Planner” and has since expanded products and services beyond planners.

Today, Viviamo! Inc. is a growing custom publishing, marketing, and e-commerce company, with an active community of 100,000+ fans, a purpose-driven line of paper products available in retail and online, and collaborations between the country’s top brands and creative talents. Through it all, we seek to empower people to dream, plan, and dare to live their best lives.

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