Friday, June 21, 2024

Advice#6: Caffeinated House Elf


Advice#6: Caffeinated House Elf

Dear G,

I thought coffee was supposed to be a stimulant, so why does it always put me to sleep? Interestingly, regular Coca-Cola perks me up!

Caffeinated House Elf

Dear Caffeinated House Elf,

More coffee please!

While coffee has stimulating properties, your body can develop a tolerance for it, much like alcohol.

Now, your favorite cola is all sugar. And sugar gives energy.

Hope this helps!

Nurse G (RN)

Dear Caffeinated House Elf,

Sugar Rush

Different people process caffeine at different rates (thank you, Google). If you’re sleepy despite the caffeine, your body can’t keep the caffeine long. That means you probably NEED to sleep, and your body is telling you it’s time for some shuteye.

I’m no health expert, but I know that soda provides a short-lived sugar rush.

The bottom line, listen to your body and be safe. If you need to catnap, make time.

Good luck,


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